Our multinational team possess the experience of both local and international markets. The team can operate in different conditions to meet the customer needs. Our specialties can be categorized under 2 main sectors: Cranes and material handling. Under cranes we have 3 cranes types as the following: 1- Mobile cranes with capacities up to 300 tons, 2- Crawler cranes with capacities ranging between 80 and 120 tons, 3- R/T cranes with capacities ranging between 40 – 60 tons. As for material handling, it operates under the following categories:     1- Forklifts with capacities ranging from 3 tons – 30 tons, 2- Telehandlers with capacities of 6 tons, 3- Boom-trucks with capacities up to 20 tons. 4- Low beds with up to 15-Meter-long and 60 tons of capacity.